‘Squid Healthcare’ Receives Patent for EyeMask MD

Squid Healthcare receives patent for EyeMask MD
Squid Healthcare's EyeMask MD product. | Image from Squid Healthcare

Squid Healthcare, Inc. is a Dallas-based headquartered company focused on creating, developing, and commercializing innovative solutions to help meet the periocular wellness needs of consumers and patients.

Blepharoplasty, which helps correct the drooping appearance of the eyelids, is the third most performed cosmetic surgery in the United States and worldwide. In addition, up to 10 million non-surgical periocular procedures are performed each year.

Their mission is to positively impact the lives of consumers and patients through the design of simple and innovative products that professionals in plastic surgery, oculoplasty, and other health care and aesthetic fields trust and recommend.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent No. 11,173,071 to Squid Healthcare’s founders Mr. Ahmad Tawil and Dr. Ronald Mancini, for the EyeMask MD design and formulation.

The EyeMask MD is a device used for post-surgical and post-injection care to treat minor abrasions, lacerations, minor cuts, scalds, and burns. It will help patients by reducing the pain after blepharoplasty surgery or after botulinum toxin (botox) and filler injections.

Squid Healthcare’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ahmad Tawil, said, “This patent is one of a portfolio of filings related to the formulations, composition, design, and utility of EyeMask MD and we are confident we will secure additional patents both in the US and internationally as we execute on our intellectual property strategy.”

Dr. Ronald Mancini, Co-Founder of Squid Healthcare and well-known oculoplastic surgeon, also added, “We are very focused on designing simple, innovative solutions and bringing them to the medical aesthetic market.”

Learn more about the EyeMask MD, by following this link: https://www.squidhealthcare.com/

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