Sober Peer to Launch Phase II of Long-Term ‘Mega-Study’

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Representatives for Sober Peer, a behavioral technology science company, have announced the enrollment of 162 treatment providers to their program to study long-term outcomes for the treatment of substance use and mental health disorders. The providers are from 42 US states and five countries. According to a press release, this is the largest known collaboration of its kind.   

The enrolled providers will be supplying data on the efficacy and effectiveness of various mental health and substance-use therapies used on more than 6,000 participants over the course of a year.

As reported in the press release, “The study cohort consists of many population segments from individuals, treatment providers, correction and parole communities, drug and diversion courts, colleges and universities, native populations and non-traditional service providers including state and local government.”   

Sober Peer’s large-scale technology platform (VLSP) accurately sizes, predicts, and mandates treatment pathways across the entire behavioral health treatment stream.

Its next-generation digital platform leverages artificial intelligence and predictive analytics toward improved understanding of treatment, meaningful patient engagement, and outcomes for people with mental health issues who are in command of their lives.    

The first testing phase revealed numerous long-term benefits across twelve different behavioral categories, including a 114% increase from baseline within six months and a 320% improvement within the first year after the initial treatment period.

The results of these tests collected by Sober Peer’s processing platform make it possible to identify in real-time, thanks to artificial intelligence, the best treatment options to ensure the most appropriate and individualized treatment possible.   

Information gleaned during the initial phase of testing has been incorporated into the Phase II testing stage. Future, more advanced testing phases will be carried out with an even larger population group of 25,000 or more. 

Sober Peer ranks in the top five behavioral health companies for both the lowest cost of client engagement and highest return on investment. It currently ranks number twelve among the top thirty mental health apps in terms of average recurring monthly customers.     

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