Resilient Healthcare Leads in At-Home Care as COVID-19 Cases Rise

COVID-19 cases are on the rise in North Texas and it places a major burden on hospitals preventing would-be patients from getting important medical care | Photo by Olga Kononenko on Unsplash

Similar to the wave that came 15 months ago, the coronavirus is resurfacing, spreading fear in North Texas and raising alarm bells for the hospital community. Resilient Healthcare provides home care for the most severe cases, easing the burden on hospitals and giving patients the opportunity to receive the care they desperately need.

Stephen Love, president and CEO of the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council spoke about the number of COVID-19 patients in North Texas rising to 1,979.

“This represents 13.40 percent of bed capacity and 32.81 percent of adult ICU patients, which means over a quarter and almost a third of our adult ICU patients have COVID-19,” Love said. “As a point of reference, we had 415 COVID-19 patients in the hospitals on July 5. So as you can tell, our hospitalizations have increased significantly in 30 days.”

Resilient Healthcare has become the leader in acute home care with its LTAC@H program. This is a unique initiative in which critically ill patients have access to many hospital-quality healthcare services from their own homes, which can be delivered virtually or in person. The company started in 2018 with a vision for a better healthcare delivery system.

Throughout months of continued COVID-19 cases, the company has proved to be a significant solution to many problems related to the pandemic.

“We have built a solid team, not only of doctors and nurses, but partners,” said Brian Chace, Resilient Healthcare’s Vice President of Operations. “This infrastructure enables us to deliver high acuity care in the home to millions of North Texas residents.”

Learn more about the variety of services they offer by visiting their website https://www.resilienthc.com/

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