Recovery Center in Dallas Helps Women with Addictions

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Treatment centers for people struggling with addiction are nothing new. According to recovery.org, “Alcoholic mutual aid societies, sobriety circles provide(d) early recovery (1750 to early 1800s). These groups were originally comprised of various Native American tribes, and some evolved into abstinence-based Native American revival movements. Native Americans (also) used native healing practices to treat alcoholism.” Since then, rehabilitation centers have grown in the United States and all over the world.  

Most sources conclude that, on average, men use drugs that can develop an addiction more than women do. Drugabuse.gov says that although men are more likely to use drugs, women may be more likely to have more intense cravings and dependence than men do. Studies have also shown that women could possibly be more likely to have a relapse of their addiction. There are plenty of rehab centers for both men and women, but facilities for women may not be as common. Nexus Recovery is a recovery center in Dallas, Texas, for women who struggle with drug addictions or dependence. Nexus Recovery was originally founded in 1971 and has since then grown, including several names and location changes. They have also expanded in terms of size to incorporate more needy women. With these changes came another monumental one: Children are now allowed to accompany their mothers in the facility. Nexus Recovery also saw that there was a serious lack of homes for teen parents or pregnant teens, so they decided to change that in 1991. They have even expanded their services as recently as 2017. This change involved now offering medicine and medical-related treatment in the thick of the United States’ opioid crisis.  

According to their website, “Nexus residential programs offer intensive, structured, trauma-responsive services using the Twelve Step model as a foundation. Housing up to 130 women for 5 to 90 days, services focus on recovery from opioid, alcohol, and benzodiazepine addiction. Programs are designed to directly address substance use disorder as well as additional barriers to recovery, including social systems, mental health issues, and lack of access to resources.” Nexus also offers specialized programs for women without children, women with children, and children themselves. Their medical services include medical detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, and psychiatric services.  

Although they do have designated programs, Nexus Recovery aims to bring individualized treatment and help to every woman and child that walks through their doors. Nexus know that every woman is different and has different needs. They are located at 8733 La Prada Drive in Dallas, Texas. On their website, you can find things such as contact information, how to make a donation, volunteer opportunities, the staff, Board of Directors, and more. They also have links to their social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook. You can find everything you need to know about them on their website under any of the tabs.

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