According to the FDA, Dollar Tree did not successfully recall applesauce pouches contaminated with lead, allowing the product to remain on store shelves for two months, Fox 4 KDFW reported:

“The FDA sent a warning letter to Dollar Tree earlier this month and placed Negasmart, the Ecuadorian distributor of WanaBana apple cinnamon pouches, under import alerts.

“FDA officials sent a warning letter to Dollar Tree Inc. last week saying the WanaBana apple puree products remained on store shelves in several states through late December – two months after the firm was told about the recall.

“Officials at the Chesapeake, Virginia-based company had said they disallowed sales of the products at registers, but the FDA said that was ‘not an effective measure’ because at least one child in Washington state ate a recalled fruit pouch in a store before an attempted purchase.”

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