(Candy’s Dirt) — Realtors are busy folks. Plain and simple. Just ask Allie Beth Allman & Associates agent Joseph Flores.

“As soon as I wake up, I start working. And it’s non-stop from there. I’m on the go all day, every day,” Flores said.

So, what’s the secret to keeping your energy up, especially during notoriously hot Texas summers? It’s no easy feat. But according to Dallas holistic nutritionist Lauren Gillan, even small dietary changes can majorly impact both health and stamina.

“What I do for my patients is customize a meal plan; something that works with their lifestyle, and is easy to sustain,” she said.

“The goal isn’t about being perfect. It’s about making better choices.”

Take your morning coffee, for example. Try swapping your regular brew with one that’s organic.  For starters, it’s smoother and better tasting. Plus, the beans contain cell-protecting antioxidants and are tested for pesticides, yeast, mold, and mycotoxins.

Next up, hydration. A buzzword of sorts, we all know the importance of drinking enough water.

Still, not all brands are created equal.

Gillian touts the benefits of naturally alkaline Crazy Water – energy, focus, immunity, digestion, even detoxification. The Mineral Wells-based company also sports a colorful history.

“People were bathing in the water and started to realize their aches and pains were going away.  It was because the water is such an amazing source of all these really rich minerals,” she said.

Up the ante by adding an electrolyte, which encourages absorption. Gillan’s choice: LMNT.

She also likes the fresh, affordable food available at Misfits Market. The sustainably minded online grocer works directly with farmers and manufacturers to rescue organic produce and other pantry items that might otherwise go to waste.

Case in point: a jumbo artichoke.

“We don’t need our fruits and veggies to be cute. Size has nothing to do with nutrition value.”

Need a pantry makeover? Gillan does those, too. “It’s not about eliminating. My job is helping people choose healthier versions of their favorite foods.”

Salty snacks, out. FitJoy gluten-free pretzels and Siete tortilla chips, in. And don’t be fooled by conventional salad dressings.

“You might think you’re eating a healthy salad, but you’re actually coating it with inflammatory oil and sugar,” Gillan said.

We asked. Gillan answered.

Kitchen must-haves: A juicer. And Vitamix blenders keep getting better and better. “You can make ice cream out of bananas, which is so great for kids during the summer.”

Best bang for the buck: Fresh microgreens. “They’re an amazing way to add nutrients and flavor to all of your food.”

Eco-friendly appliance: A countertop kitchen composter turns food and waste into nutrient-rich natural fertilizer.

Buyer beware: Non-stick cookware that contains PFAS, or forever chemicals. Ceramic, cast iron, and carbon steel are safe alternatives. Also steer clear of plastic, porous cutting boards. “You’re chopping up food on a surface that’s full of BPAs, then putting that in your juicer or blender. Eeek!”

Healthiest energy bar: 88 Acres is an excellent source of high-quality protein. Plus, they contain manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper.

Ditch and switch: Replace foods with a higher glycemic index (cereal, crackers, chips, and cookies) with simple proteins and fats that offer more stability (salmon, grass-fed steak, eggs, and avocado).

No time to cook? Factor delivers your choice of healthy, chef-prepared meals to your door. We’re talking roasted garlic filet, peanut Buddha bowl, chipotle roasted salmon, cinnamon roll pancakes, desserts, smoothies, and more.

Recipe for staying cool and hydrated: Combine two peeled limes, one organic green apple, one to two large organic English cucumbers, four cups loose organic spinach, and six mint sprigs.