Local Clinic Rehabilitates Concussed Athletes

Injured soccer player | Image by Ben_Kerckx/Pixabay

The Parker Performance Institute in Frisco offers injured athletes specialized treatment to get them back up and playing again.

The clinic offers a “Return to Sport” program that provides personalized treatment options for those who have suffered an injury and are looking to return to peak performance. “Without the proper return-to-sport programming, future injury is more likely,” says the clinic’s website.

In the case of an injury such as a concussion, improper treatment followed by a return to play could even have deadly consequences.

“If you don’t take the proper care after a concussion, you’re at risk of second concussion syndrome. This is the rapid swelling of your brain and can leave you with permanent damage,” says the Institute on its website. “It can also very commonly be fatal.”

Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury and typically occur when the brain bounces or twists in the skull due to impact. The Brain Injury Research Institute records that between 1.6 and 3.8 million such injuries occur annually in the U.S. due to sports-related activities.

The CDC says that although these injuries are not often life-threatening, they can nonetheless be “serious.” “After a concussion, an athlete should only return to sports practices with the approval and under the supervision of their health care provider,” says the CDC’s website.

Cameron Mitton, a local 20-year-old, is currently in the program after having suffered a concussion that ended his career in football two months ago. Mitton’s treatment includes cognitive training, vestibular and vision therapy, as well as time in a device known as a GyroStim, according to NBC 5 DFW.

According to the company’s website, “GyroStim is a computer-controlled, automated, multi-axis rotational chair. It is a highly specialized robotic chair that is designed to automate whole-body human rotation; to make motion-induced therapies safer, more accessible, more efficient, and more effective than ever before.”

“If someone complains of dizziness, or if they have vertigo, or if they’re just feeling off and their balance may be altered due to vestibular component to their concussion, we can use the GyroStim to help upregulate those systems in the brain to help get them to start to work better,” said Dr. Leonard Wright with the Parker Performance Institute, according to NBC 5.

Mitton said that he has not felt like himself since the injury, reporting symptoms such as confusion. Several weeks into the program, however, Mitton is optimistic about his recovery and has already seen improvements.

“Like, just being able to hang out with my friends and just enjoy the simple things, you know? It’s kind of the things that you take for granted in life, just the simple things,” said Mitton, per NBC 5.

Those interested in the program can request an appointment via the organization’s website.

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