Doctor Aims to Rehabilitate Local Historic Hospital

GoFundMe to raise money for the South Dallas historical hospital. | Image from Legacy Of Hope Health & Wellness Center GoFundMe Campaign

A doctor hopes to revitalize a hospital, Forest Avenue Hospital, now called Legacy of Hope Health and Wellness Center.    

Dr. Michelle Morgan purchased the historical hospital in 2016 for about $200,000, an investment which she said was worth the money back then.

Morgan said plans for the project include building an urgent care center, a dental office, and a school for dentists and medical assistants. Morgan estimates the project will cost around $4 million.     

The hospital was established during the Jim Crow era in 1964 and is located on Forest Avenue. The hospital was founded by Rev. Jesse Lott, surgeon Edward J. Mason, Dr. Emmet Conrad, and anesthesiologist Judge E. Page.    

Morgan added that there is more to saving the hospital than just preserving history. She said it is also about providing quality health care to those in underserved communities. She hopes to meet the needs of South Dallas residents while revitalizing the hospital.    

Morgan said neighborhood residents are showing appreciation for her efforts.     

“People are thanking me and asking me how they can help,” Morgan said. “That’s what I get all day, every day.”    

Morgan said the positive feedback from community members reassures her that she is doing the right thing.    

Morgan revealed that she has suffered some minor setbacks to raise the funding needed for the hospital.  

“I’ve been trying to raise that for four years,” she added. “I’ve had some scams. I’ve had some people I paid and they ran off, but I’m still here.”    

Morgan also revealed that the task is challenging and disheartening because “it’s a huge, huge hill to climb.” She said sometimes she thinks of selling the property for twice what she bought it for and moving on, but something always happens the next day that tells her to “keep pushing.”  

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