Conservatorship: What Does It Mean in Texas?

In Texas, conservatorship refers to the custody of children in family law matters.

The #FreeBritney movement continues to make headlines even after a judge declined to end Britney Spears’ conservatorship. However, if Britney Spears lived in Texas, things would be different.

In Texas, the term conservatorship refers to the custody of children in family law matters, not the protection of incapacitated adults as it does in California.

According to the American Family Law Center of Dallas, a conservatorship is needed when parents cannot make decisions in the child’s best interest. Since the parents are unable to make important decisions, another adult is required – a child’s conservator.

The most common reason a court will appoint a conservator for a child is “when parents no longer live together. Typically, one parent is appointed as the managing conservator….” The conservator is responsible for making most of the decisions for a child, including where the child should live.

A court can establish a conservatorship for various reasons. The American Family Law Center stresses the importance of the conservator, and for the child to be protected under the court-ordered conservatorship. Therefore, legal representation is needed to ensure that the law is followed. A non-biased attorney can make decisions without the emotions of a parent.

To learn more about conservatorship and contact the American Family Law Center in Dallas, call or text 214-516-7700.

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