The new Center for Women at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton opened its doors in late July, according to a news release from Texas Health. The center is part of a $128 million expansion plan designed to meet the healthcare needs of Denton and surrounding communities.

Jeff Reecer, president of Texas Health Denton, said the expansion is part of Texas Health’s commitment to North Texas. “Texas Health Denton serves one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation. We are growing alongside our community to meet the needs of our patients today and tomorrow.”

Texas Health Denton is the only provider in Denton that offers neonatal and obstetrical intensive care, according to the news release. It is also the largest provider in Denton County for obstetrical services.

The new women’s center is four stories and covers 215,000 square feet. It is replacing a building that was also called The Center for Women. The Texas Health Denton Center for Women boasts 23 postpartum rooms, 12 labor and delivery rooms, and six antepartum beds. In addition, shell space is being constructed that can be utilized for growth in the future.

Melissa Winans, the Chief Nursing Officer for Texas Health Denton, shared that the expansion includes enhancements in the form of more space, modernized facilities, and newer technology. “With this new facility and our dedicated staff, we can provide unmatched care and services to Denton area families, from older generations to the tiniest newborns,” she said.

Texas Health Resources executive vice president and the hospital channel chief operating officer, Kirk King, stated that Texas Health would continue expanding on the services they offer for infants and women. “Our motivating factor with any hospital expansion is to provide patients with the necessary resources to enjoy a lifetime of health and well-being,” King shared.

The expansion project for Texas Health Denton also includes a new education center, a new breast center, rehabilitation services and cardiac rehabilitation, and other additions. Four new trauma rooms were added to the emergency department, as well as four rooms called “safer rooms” for patients with behavioral needs.

Texas Health Denton’s expansion also features additions for training future healthcare workers. “The project features a new simulation lab with medical manikins that will allow for continued training of doctors, nurses, and other caregivers,” the news release states. “The life-like interactive manikins can be programmed to simulate healthcare scenarios such as a stroke or baby delivery. The manikins respond to caregivers, follow commands, talk, and can even be programmed to cry in pain.”