Can Burning Stomach Lining Help With Weight Loss?

Woman measuring waist | Image by Lee Charlie/Shutterstock
Woman measuring waist | Image by Lee Charlie/Shutterstock

As the obesity epidemic in the United States rages on, a new study claims that burning a person’s stomach lining can reduce hunger and induce weight loss, according to a report by ScienceNews:

“Blasting a patch of patients’ stomach lining with thermal energy curbed hunger and cut pounds, researchers reported in a small pilot study to be presented at the annual Digestive Disease Week meeting on May 19 in Washington, D.C.

“Called gastric fundus mucosal ablation, the procedure relies on an endoscope, a thin tube that can be threaded down the throat. It takes less than an hour and doesn’t require hospitalization.

“‘The advantage of this is that it’s a relatively straightforward procedure,’ says Cleveland Clinic surgical endoscopist Matthew Kroh, who was not involved with the work. Side effects, which included mild nausea and cramping, are minimal, one study author said in a news conference on May 8.

“That’s a big difference from bariatric surgery, considered the gold standard treatment for obesity, which includes many techniques to restrict stomach size or affect food absorption. Patients can be hospitalized for days and take weeks to recover. Obese people often avoid these treatments because they don’t want to endure surgery, Kroh says.

“The new procedure could one day offer an easier option — if the results hold up in larger groups of patients. ‘There’s potential,’ Kroh says, ‘but I think we have to be cautious.’”

To read the entire article by ScienceNews, please click HERE.

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