Building Freedom for the Homebound

More than 1.6 million Texans have mobility issues, which is why the Texas Ramp Project is working to ensure anyone who needs a ramp at their home has one.

Out of the 3.7 million Texans, more than 1.6 million have a disability that requires a wheelchair or walker. For those who experience mobility issues, simply walking out the front door becomes a hardship and can be a prison sentence without a handicap ramp.

The Texas Ramp Project is working to give Texans their freedom by installing wheelchair ramps throughout the state.

Building upon their vision “that no Texas resident shall lack safe access because of financial limitations,” the non-profit serves Dallas County residents in Collin and Dallas.

Ramps are built with volunteer labor which allows the costs to remain at a minimum.

With more than 3,500 volunteers, the group is on target to build 2,100 ramps for Texans in 2021. Last year 1,633 ramps were constructed in 110 Texas counties which equals 102 miles of ramps.

According to the group, “Our ramps allow recipients to leave their home safely and independently, especially if there is a fire or other emergency. They provide relief to families and caregivers, and they allow people to remain at home, aging in a place surrounded by those who love and care for them.”

Maintaining a low overhead, ninety-two cents of every dollar donated goes directly to build and deliver ramps.

The group accepts recommendations for ramps from social and health care works by completing a ramp referral application. Ramp priority is given to individuals taking part in dialysis treatments and hospice patients, people who live alone, and those with unsafe existing ramps.

To donate, visit the Texas Ramp Project website and click the Donate Now button.

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