There may be one silver lining for the nation amid the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance last month: more Americans are likely forcing their elderly loved ones to seek medical care.

Ignoring early signs of dementia can be perilous. Symptoms like memory loss, confusion, and difficulty performing familiar tasks might seem minor at first but can escalate rapidly. Without timely medical advice, the condition can worsen, leading to an increased risk of accidents, wandering, and inability to manage daily activities.

Early diagnosis allows for better management, potential slowing of progression, and planning for future care needs. Moreover, some treatable conditions mimic dementia, so proper diagnosis is crucial. Delaying medical consultation not only jeopardizes the individual’s health and safety but also places a significant emotional and financial burden on family and caregivers.

Here’s some of what Fox News reported on the dangers of denial:

Amid the ongoing fallout from Joe Biden’s lackluster debate performance on June 27, experts continue to react to potential signs of cognitive decline in the 46th president, with the president himself acknowledging on Monday morning, July 8, that he had a “terrible night” and “really regrets” that it happened.

Judy Gaman, CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas — a luxury medical services provider in Southlake — told Fox News Digital over the weekend that Biden’s behaviors highlight a very real health crisis in the U.S.

“As a country, we need to be talking about the realities of this health crisis — the fact that families are often torn apart by denial,” she said.

While Biden has not been diagnosed with dementia, Gaman said she sees many of the same signs she experienced with her own mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease before her death.

“The person with dementia or Alzheimer’s truly believes they are fine, and can be angered by anyone believing they are not,” Gaman said. (She has not examined or treated Biden).

Fox News Digital reached out to both the White House and the Biden campaign but did not receive a response.