Automobile Accidents Can Cause Delayed Injuries

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Not all injuries show symptoms immediately after a car accident. Some take hours or days to appear. It is essential to know what signs to recognize. There are five warning signs to watch out for after being in a car accident.  

Dizziness can indicate brain damage or internal bleeding. These conditions can be fatal if they are left untreated. Nausea may be caused by dizziness or be a symptom of a different medical condition.  

Confusion and disorientation can also be a sign of concussion or traumatic brain injury. Ask the people around you to tell you about any changes they notice. If you start speaking incoherently, have difficulty forming thoughts, or have other cognitive changes, see a doctor immediately. 

Different body parts may bleed after a car accident. Bleeding in the head, eyes, ears, mouth, or nose is concerning, as it could indicate bleeding in the brain. Blood in your urine or stool could indicate internal bleeding that you cannot see.  

Internal bleeding can also lead to numbness or tingling. When the body does not have enough blood, it diverts blood flow away from the extremities to reserve it for the vital organs. This can cause tingling in the arms and legs. Numbness and tingling could also be a sign of nerve damage.  

Whiplash is a common outcome of car accidents, especially if you have been struck from behind. But just because it is common does not mean you can ignore it. Stiffness in the neck can also be a sign of broken vertebrae or spinal cord damage.  

If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately. Finally, you should know that under Texas law, if you have suffered these types of injuries in an automobile accident caused by another driver, you may be entitled to compensation and should contact a Dallas area attorney. 

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