27-Year Old Stands for First Time in Months After COVID-19 Hospitalization

Fabian standing after battle with COVID-19 | Image from MCUTimes

After being bedridden in the hospital for months due to COVID-19, Fabian Granado got up from the hospital bed and stood on his feet on Monday.  

Fabian contracted COVID-19 in August when he was in a trade school in Jacksonville, Florida. The infection was severe enough to force him to the hospital within a few days. At the hospital, doctors placed him on an ECMO machine and ventilator.

He has remained bed-ridden due to severe complications since August and is still in the hospital.  

Fabian, 27, has started showing more signs of improvement since being admitted, and for the first time in two and half months, he stood on his own feet.

Rene Granado was by his son’s side since he got admitted into the hospital.

While Fabian did not stand for long, his father was excited by the improvement of his son’s health.

“That’s an incredible blessing,” he said. “That means God’s working. God’s doing miracles. The staff’s working. Fabian’s own sheer will and determination, which is incredible, is working.”   

Granado, a school resource officer in Garland, expressed appreciation of the community’s support and prayers. He also asked for more prayers, saying that Fabian might need a lung transplant.  

Granado said that he is confident that Fabian can and will pull through whatever lies ahead. “I do know with faith, prayers, and hope, we have nothing but good roads ahead of us,” Granado said.  

A fundraiser concert for Fabian will be held at Harry Myers Park in Rockwall on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m to support the family with Fabian’s growing medical bills. 

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