Texas Secretary of State Calls for More Transparency in Elections

Texas Secretary of State John Scott. | Image from votebeat

During a speech before the Texas Association of Elections Administrators (TAEA) on January 4, 2022, Texas Secretary of State John Scott called for more transparency to address the “crisis of confidence” that voters have during election time especially with accusations of voter fraud.

Election integrity has been a major topic of discussion in many states nationwide.

Per TAEA President Remi Garza, Scott’s appearance at the event was the first time a secretary of state was in attendance.

Erin Anderson of Texas Scorecard observed that “Election-related matters are mostly handled by specialized staff within the office’s elections division.”

Garza noted that Secretary Scott’s visit “highlights the partnership he has already demonstrated since taking office and his focus on elections,” adding he sees Scott as “a great ally for these coming years.”

Gov. Greg Abbott appointed Scott to his position last October.

“Thank you for what you do to make elections work,” Scott said to the administrators.

“As county election officials, you serve the most critical function in our democracy: You protect the integrity of the ballot box,” Scott stated. “You make sure that Texas elections are accurate, fair, and secure.”

“Elections administrators here in Texas and across the country are dealing with a crisis of confidence among voters and have been for the past several election cycles,” he added. “Not only are voters animated about the issues and our candidates on the ballot, they’re animated about the integrity of the ballot box.”

The Brennen Center for Justice stated, “we must be careful not to undermine free and fair access to the ballot in the name of preventing phantom voter fraud.”

The article continues by saying that “most allegations of fraud turn out to be baseless.”

Scott believes the current audit of the 2020 election will serve as “an information mechanism to pass knowledge on to the voters” about how elections are conducted.

“Is there fraud in elections?” he inquired. “Probably as long as there’s been elections, somebody’s been trying to game elections.”

Scott also called for further transparency.

“Heider Garcia said it best at our election law conference: ‘Give us a chance to show you what we do.’ That’s what we need to be telling people, our voters, our fellow citizens,” he stated.

Heider Garcia is the Tarrant County Elections Administrator.

“It’s the thing that should give people confidence,” he added. “Make it transparent.”

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