Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Texas Abortion Clinics

Protestors Rally Against Restrictive New Texas Abortion Law In Austin
Pro-life advocates. | Image from bloomberg

On December 10, the US Supreme Court ruled that abortion providers can challenge Texas’s controversial anti-abortion law through suing.

A chain of tweets posted by Whole Woman’s Health reads, “We won, on very narrow grounds…We’d hoped for a statewide injunction, but no clear path to it…We aren’t entirely sure what’s going to happen. It’s disappointing that (Senate Bill 8) is so blatantly cruel and unconstitutional and the court has decided not to grant us relief. While we hold out hope for the rest of our lawsuit, the court still failed us today.”

In September, the law, known as the Texas Heartbeat Act, went into effect. It bans abortions after a heartbeat detects on an ultrasound, typically around six weeks of pregnancy. The bill also states that anyone can file lawsuits against doctors who perform abortions after that time. If found guilty, the defendant is ordered to pay $10,000.

Several lawsuits against anti-abortion groups are set in motion to question the law. Among those targeted is Texas Right of Life.

In a statement, Kimberlyn Schwartz, spokeswoman for Texas Right to Life, said, “While we continue to fight for this policy in the lower courts, Texas Right to Life celebrates that the Texas Heartbeat Act will continue saving between 75-100 preborn children from abortion per day. The success of our efforts is embodied by each individual life that is rescued.”

She expressed gratitude for the court displaying “judicial restraint” regarding the law.

The Texas Heartbeat Act will remain in place, but now providers have the opportunity to dispute it if they so choose.

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