The City of Dallas has created a new pilot program that was approved on Monday to target panhandling. City officials and departments came together with nonprofits to deploy a strategy that uses outreach, research, and environmental deterrents to combat the issue.

While city officials appreciate the help some citizens give to those less fortunate, they are hoping to provide assistance to those in need differently than with money being given on sidewalks and intersections. Instead, they ask that citizens call 311 to donate.

“We have a very generous, compassionate community. I understand they want to help people,” Councilwoman Cara Mendelsohn shared while speaking with Fox4News.

Adding, “This isn’t the right way to help people. The outreach teams will still go out, which has been going on now. And they will offer services. But that is when they’ll get input into the database.”

The database will also help to cut down on those already benefiting from resources who continue to panhandle on the streets.

“We see a significant number of people that are panhandling [that are] actually already in housing. And many are in the same housing programs that would be offered to the homeless community,” shared CEO Pastor Wayne Walker of Our Calling in Dallas.

Walker hopes the program will cut down on the homeless population and not just scare them off to other parts of the city.

“My concern is that we’re continuing to move people from corner to corner and not really trying to address how do we get them off the streets,” Walker said.

The city plans to utilize deterrents like fencing and possibly ultrasonic sound waves in areas where panhandling is common.

The new pilot program will run until June. The Dallas City Council plans to track the progress of the program to determine its effectiveness.