Energy Dept. Says COVID Lab Leak Likely


Wuhan Institute of Virology | Image by NBC News

A revised assessment from the U.S. Energy Department now affirms that the COVID-19 pandemic likely originated from a laboratory leak. According to The Wall Street Journal, the news comes from classified intelligence made available to the White House and certain members of Congress.

The release of the assessment comes after the FBI concluded in 2021 that there was evidence that pointed to a lab leak as the source of the pandemic.

According to the revised report, the National Intelligence Council and four unidentified agencies hold “low confidence” that the virus originated from animal to human transmission. The CIA and another unnamed agency remain undecided.

The revised conclusion from the U.S. Energy Department was prompted by new intelligence. Like the National Intelligence Council, the Energy Department’s assessment was made with “low confidence,” say individuals privy to the document.

Theories of a potential lab leak have been raised in the past. As The Dallas Express previously covered, in December 2022, the Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) released a report concluding that the COVID-19 virus may have origins in a Chinese bioweapons program. The authors did not conclude that the release was intentional.

The Energy Department’s assessment adds to the growing skepticism around the initial narrative surrounding the origins of COVID-19.

Although U.S. officials did not provide additional details, they stated that the Energy Department and the FBI concluded the leak was likely unintentional. Both reached that conclusion independently, based on different evidence.

Officials have yet to confirm if an unclassified version of the updated report will be released. On CNN, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan declined to acknowledge the new reporting. He did claim that, on numerous occasions, President Biden urged the intelligence community to discover more about the pandemic’s origin.

“President Biden specifically requested that the national labs, which are part of the Energy Department, be brought into this assessment because he wants to put every tool at use to be able to figure out what happened here,” Sullivan said, as per The Wall Street Journal.

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) told NBC that Congress needs to pursue hearings over the virus’ source, despite what he says is ongoing intimidation from China for those questioning the narrative that the virus came about naturally.

“This is a country that has no problem coming out and lying to the world,” said the senator, per The Wall Street Journal.

Washington has long alleged that Beijing withheld details related to the outbreak. These accusations have contributed to the growing tension between the two powers in recent years.

Stanford University microbiologist David Relman praised the release.

“Kudos to those who are willing to set aside their preconceptions and objectively re-examine what we know and don’t know about COVID origins,” he said, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Relman, a veteran of multiple federal scientific advisory boards, stressed that he hopes we do “not accept an incomplete answer or give up because of political expediency.”

The lack of evidence of an animal source for COVID-19 and the fact that the outbreak city of Wuhan hosts China’s coronavirus research lab has led some U.S. officials and scientists to conclude that a lab leak is the most likely cause of the pandemic.

In November 2022, the FBI responded in writing to a request from Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) for details as to why the FBI concluded a lab leak was likely. The agency declined to provide details, citing the preservation of “the integrity of ongoing investigations.”

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1 month ago

And still the executive branch just keeps saying that this is still inconclusive. After denying this narrative since day one even though the signs were obvious, there will never be conclusive evidence. And the media will bury it so that 50% of the people, mainly democrats will hate on the poor bats.

John Gault
John Gault
1 month ago

President Trump was right all along by calling it the China Virus. It’s slowly coming out that everything that was suspected about China’s involvement in the virus and it’s intentional spreading around the world is coming true. I’m waiting for the day when the news commutators on CNN and MSNBC will apologize to their viewers about lying for the past three years about the origins of Covid and constantly shaming the folks who wisely chose not to take the jab.
Yet another reason to not trust anything our federal government tells us.

Reply to  John Gault
1 month ago

I prefer Trumps other name, Wuhan Flu

Reply to  Junkdrawer
30 days ago

I told my leftist sister I had caught the Wuhan virus. She sent me a link to an article that said calling it Wuhan virus was xenophobic. I replied, “It is what it is!”

30 days ago

To bring in yet more conspiracy theory (BTW I do believe this was an engineered virus), what if the “surveillance” balloons were also or, actually, transports of a newly engineered virus by China and Pfizer/Moderna?? May be far-fetched and I don’t want to be able to say ” told ya!!”

28 days ago

I appreciate Jesse reporting on this.
I am surprised to see that The Wall Street Journal published their piece.
Even scientific studies demonstrate that “snippets” of the virus were made in a lab.
It is well known that natural evolution from a Bat virus to human doesn’t make that kind of jump.

28 days ago

October 18th 2019 – Months prior to the official Pandemic, two Major Events occurred on that date:
EVENT 201 and also the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan China.
Both of these can be watched online via YouTube (queue into the 2:17:00 mark of the Military Games for bizarre “New World Order” stuff.)
EVENT 201 was sponsored by Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum (you know…”The Great Reset” Davos folks) and John Hopkins.
It has 5 hours of video, with a 12 minute video clip of Highlights. Everyone should see it, because it drilled a scenario of a Novel-Coronavirus from China which turned into a global pandemic with millions dying, businesses shutting down, and governments/media censoring the public over the internet.
When Wuhan was preparing for the Military Games, they ran security drills of a possible escaped virus from the Wuhan Lab a month prior to October 18th. It was in the news.
Live: Grand opening ceremony of the 7th Military World Games
Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel – “centerforhealthsecurity” YouTube Channel
For the record, prior to the 7th Military World Games, Wuhan ran a number of exercises to ensure security and no major emergency event.
Here is the archived blog post…
Wuhan Customs Holds 30 Days Countdown to Military Games and Emergency Response Drill at Ports
“…the drill was performed as if it was real, simulating an actual case of the Novel Coronavirus infection as recently discovered in the Wuhan airport. The drill practice involved epidemiological investigation, medical screening, temporary quarantine zone setting, isolation detention, case transfer, sanitary treatment, and other crucial risk management steps. Moreover, the drill also carefully simulated a recent discovery of baggage with overshooting nuclear radiation….”

28 days ago

I hope people saw the FOIA emails of Fauci, Collins and Jeremy Farrar (dated Feb and early March 2020). They tell the story of why the “Lab Leak” got suppressed and why the narrative became “it came from a Bat”. The emails reveal how they manipulated the narrative.

What is concerning is that Jeremy Farrar is a big wig with W.H.O. which now has plans to have all Nations follow the W.H.O. orders and dictates when another Pandemic occurs. Farrar has been pushing this. Recently, Biden signed onto that for America. In other words, W.H.O. will dictate America’s Pandemic response.