DPD Say Violent Crime Reduced in Areas of Focus

eddie garcia
Chief of Police Eddie Garcia said violent crime was down almost 46% in the targeted grids.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said violent crimes have gone down in targeted areas since he and his department implemented a Violent Crime Reduction Plan ninety days ago.

Officials said on Monday that violent crime in targeted areas of the city is down by double digits.

In a Monday briefing of the city’s Public Safety Committee, Garcia said homicides and robberies have reduced in the last three months.

“I hate using the term ‘All hands on deck.’ Seems so cliché, but it’s the focus of every member of this police department,” Garcia said.

Garcia added that thanks to the Violent Crime Reduction Plan, the violent crime was down almost 46% in the targeted grids compared to the eighteen weeks before the implementation of the plan. He also told committee members that he has been working on the plan for a very long time and that the plan is now going into phase two.

11 of the original forty-seven grids would be carried into phase two as crime rates reduced in the eleven places because of high police visibility, Garcia said.

Committee members said on Monday that they are optimistic about the early result.

“I think it’s important for you to be doing exactly what you’re doing and weighing us against what we can and what we should be doing,” said councilman Adam McGough.

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