DHS Secretary Mayorkas: Border Not in Crisis

Secretary Mayorkas
Secretary Mayorkas | Image by lev radin

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continued a series of controversial public appearances on 60 Minutes on Sunday evening.

Just days after receiving criticism from Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, Secretary Mayorkas sat down with news anchor Sharyn Alfonsi for a nationally televised interview.

During the interview, Mayorkas refused to call the increase in unlawful migration a “crisis.”

Alejandro Mayorkas: I think that we face a very serious challenge in certain parts of the border.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Do you view what’s happening right now on the border as a crisis?

Alejandro Mayorkas: I view it as a significant challenge.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Why won’t you say the word crisis?

Alejandro Mayorkas: You know what? Because I have tremendous faith in the people of the Department of Homeland Security, and a crisis speaks to me of a withdrawal from our mission. And, we are only putting more force and more energy into it.”

Unlawful migration broke all previous records by over a million migrants in the fiscal year of 2022. Border Patrol estimates that over 2.76 million unlawful migrants entered the United States during that period.

In fiscal year 2023, the number of unlawful migrants entering the country appears to have slowed — but only just. Roughly halfway through fiscal year 2023, almost 1.3 million unlawful migrants have entered the United States through the southern border.

The interview drew a spirited reaction from activists and elected officials alike.

Texans for Strong Borders President Chris Russo blasted the Secretary in a statement provided to The Dallas Express:

“Secretary Mayorkas rightfully recognizes that calling this a crisis ‘speaks … of a withdrawal from our mission.’ Since his appointment to head DHS, his department and the Department of Justice have done more to undermine the proper application of federal immigration law than any of his predecessors. It is abundantly clear that Mayorkas views the mission of DHS fundamentally differently than does Congress or any of the countless citizens who have been affected by this crisis. From ranchers who fear leaving their homes at night to parents who mourn the death of a child who was killed by a single fentanyl-laced pill, Americans know firsthand just how much DHS has withdrawn from its mission.”

U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) also criticized Mayorkas on Twitter:

“In addition to our southern border crisis, we’re seeing a massive surge in drugs, illegal crossings, and cartel activity on the northern border. The Biden-Mayorkas open borders agenda is dangerous for both Americans and migrants.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) also reacted on Twitter, continuing his war of words with Secretary Mayorkas.

“President Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas’ open border has resulted in a devastating humanitarian crisis. It’s appalling Mayorkas won’t call it a crisis.”

Despite the heated criticism of Mayorkas from Texas Republicans, the secretary found support from Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins. She praised his work to speed up asylum processing for potential job openings.

“Small businesses need workers, and asylum seekers want to work. Current federal law, however, forces asylum seekers to wait months for work permits. We can create a win-win situation by shortening this waiting period. I appreciated DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ support for this effort.”

The Dallas Express contacted Secretary Mayorkas’ office at the Department of Homeland Security but did not receive a response to our inquiry before this article’s publication deadline.

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  1. Burnett

    Mayorkas is an out of touch, political weasel that needed to be fired a year ago for his inept and ignorant handling of our southern border crisis.


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