Dan Patrick Calls for Youth Sports Bill to Be Added to Future Special Session Agenda

dan patrick
Evan L'Roy/The Texas Tribune

As soon as the second called special legislative session concluded, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked Gov. Greg Abbott to include the legislation requiring that public school students only play in athletics associated with their biological sex on a future special session agenda.

“We still have unfinished business to complete on the Fair Sports for Women and Girls Act,” said Patrick. “The Senate has passed that bill four times, and it has failed in the House. I have asked Gov. Abbott to place it on the special session call later this month, and we will pass it again.”

This issue had its legislative prospects cut short during the 87th regular legislative session that concluded in May. Patrick similarly called on Abbott then to add it to a special session call. Abbott obliged a few weeks later, adding it to both the first called special session agenda and the second called special session agenda.

This issue once again fell victim to politics in the Texas House of Representatives during the special session that concluded late Thursday evening, not crossing the legislative finish line in time as it was never prioritized by House Republican leadership.

Ultimately, it met its final fate when Democrat State Rep. Harold Dutton (Houston), the chair of the Public Education Committee, refused to let the bill out of his committee, saying he would “take the heat” for the legislation’s demise.

Though a third special session is expected for the purpose of addressing legislative redistricting, Abbott has not yet indicated when it will take place and which issues will be on the agenda.

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