Dallas County Republicans Announce 2022 Primary Candidates

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State District 2 Senator Bob Hall speaks at a Dallas County Republican Press Conference on January 12 | Image by The Dallas Express

Dallas County Republicans held a press conference at their Dallas headquarters on Wednesday, January 12, to announce fifteen candidates for the 2022 primary.

“From the research that I’ve done, this is the largest slate of candidates that we’ve had for Republicans in the Dallas County Metroplex in years,” Troy Jackson, Ph.D., Texas SD 23 Conservative Coalition, said. “I’m so proud of what we’re getting ready to do in 2022.”

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Stoddard-Hajdu said she believes the larger than usual numbers for her party’s local elections are due to the public’s poor perception of the performance thus far by Democrats, both locally and at the presidential level.

“I believe that Dallas County is ready for change, and the Dallas County Republican Party is the party of freedom,” she said. “We’re thrilled as a party that we’ve been able to improve and to obtain high-quality people. We believe it’s time for change. We don’t believe that most individuals, whether Republican or Democrat or Independent, agree with some of the erosion of personal freedoms that are going on, not just across the country, but in our county.”

State District 2 Republican Senator Bob Hall was at the press conference and said that his party’s success in Texas runs through Dallas.

“We are connecting all of the county tiers across the state, building a unified front so that we can take back all of these territories that we have lost through the years,” Hall said. “Dallas is going to be the place we’re going to change the future.”

Former Dallas District Attorney Faith Johnson is running for reelection for that spot in 2022 after being appointed to the position by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in 2016 following the resignation of Susan Hawk.

Johnson said that judges from both sides of the political spectrum in Dallas had asked her to run in 2022. She will face either Democrat Elizabeth Frizell or Democrat incumbent John Creuzot. Johnson lost the election in 2018 to Creuzot. Creuzot defeated Frizell for the Democratic nomination by mere 1,018 votes in 2018, 56,164 to 55,648, according to election records.

“I want to make sure that people feel safe,” Johnson said. “That’s part of what’s happening in Dallas County. We just don’t feel safe.”

The other Dallas County Republican primary candidates announced at the event were:

Candidate for County Judge – Edwin Flores; for County Constable Precinct 4 – Bryan Woodard; for Precinct 3 – Vince Griffin; for Precinct 5 – Jerry Jones; for Texas H.D. 105 – Gerson Hernandez; for Texas H.D. 111 – Benny Flores Yrigollen; for Texas H.D. 114 – Mark Hajdu; for Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Place 2 – Debbie Bobbitt; for District Judge 303rd Judicial District – Rhonda Hunter; for County Court at law No. 1 – Mike Lee; for County Treasurer – Shelly Akerly; and for State Senator District 16 – Brandon Copeland.

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