Biden to Address the Nation Thursday

President Joe Biden | Image by ABC News

President Biden will deliver a speech to the nation concerning the “continued battle for the soul of the nation” on Thursday.

Biden will deliver the remarks from Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The site includes Independence Hall, where the Founding Fathers debated and drafted the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre explained, “President Biden will give a primetime speech … on the continued battle of the soul of the nation … He will speak about how the core values of this nation, our standing in the world, our democracy are at stake.”

She continued to suggest that “he will talk about the progress we have made as a nation to protect our democracy but how our rights and freedoms are still under attack and how we will make clear who is fighting for those rights, fighting for those freedoms, and fighting for our democracy.”

Independence Park will close some of its facilities as early as 3:00 p.m. in preparation for the address later that evening.

This move comes shortly after Biden denounced some Trump supporters, those adhering to an “extreme MAGA philosophy,” as participants in “semi-fascism” in remarks delivered at a fundraiser in Maryland last week.

“It’s not just Trump,” he suggested, “it’s the entire philosophy that underpins [them].”

The moderate Republican governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, expressed disapproval of Biden’s comments, saying, “When we allow ourselves just to talk in these extremes, we polarize the country.”

Sununu continued, recalling Biden’s campaign promise “to bring everybody together. And then to call half of America fascists? … He owes an apology. That’s not appropriate. That isn’t leadership.”

Biden’s comments not only received criticism from various Republican politicians but also from left-leaning observers like CNN anchor John Avlon, who suggested, “The term semi-fascist is not helpful; it’s not befitting the office of president.”

Following Biden’s “semi-fascist” comment, the Seminole County Republican Party office in Florida was vandalized. The words “Eat s— fascists” were spray-painted on the exterior.

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre defended Biden’s comments, stating:

“What MAGA Republicans have done … You look at the definition of fascism, and you think about what they’re doing in attacking our democracy, what they’re doing in taking away our freedoms, taking away our rights, our voting rights. That is what that is.”

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  1. J.W.

    Taking away our rights? Only ones doing that is Biden and his band of thieves. Biden is the modern day version of Robin Hood. Spelled (Robbing Hood). He takes from the poor and gives to the rich. Wait till tax time when the poor have to pay for all the money hes been spending. Lets go Brandon is an obsolete saying, now its FJB.

  2. caseyp

    Blah, blah, blah. Biden does not have a clue of what he will be saying. All he is going to do is read a script that was prepared for him by those who are actually ruining the country. All it will be is a campaign speech full of empty rhetoric, lies and usual claptrap from the age-old, worn-out Democrat playbook. In other words, a typical Democrat campaign speech.

    • Janet

      What a bunch of crap! Do you expect democrats to keep turning the other cheek? With all the garbage coming out of the mouth of Tricky, Trifling, Dumb-Ass Donald’s mouth over the last 4 years to the MAGA (Make America Gross Again ) crowd? It’s about time! Voter suppression, election, covid, climate change deniers, and just outright liars should be called out for who they are. If the shoe fits! To use your robber analogy, if a person robs you of your right to vote, why should they be upset if you called them a thief?


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