Allen West to Americans: “Be victors not victims”

Tom Williams / AP

Allen West has advised all Americans to see themselves as victors and stop considering themselves as victims. 

The outgoing Texas Republican Party chairman, who is running against incumbent Greg Abbott in the GOP primary for governor, gave the advice on Sunday while addressing attendees at the ongoing Conservative Political Action Conference’s meeting in Dallas. 

“You know, I look out at this audience. There are quite a few white folks out there,” said West. “But, you know something, I don’t feel one bit oppressed. I don’t feel like a victim, because as an American, as a Texan, I am a victor and not a victim. And as an American and a Texan, we all are victors. We are not victims.” 

West, who himself is a black man, said, “If you’re a conservative in America — Black, white, Hispanic, Asian — it doesn’t matter. You are free.”  

West also emphasized the need for more conservatives in the country to stand and fight against cancel culture. 

 “In America today, we need more conservatives to stand like a rock,” he said. “That’s how we make sure that we don’t find our nation canceled for future generations, for our children, and for our grandchildren.” 

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