Abbott and O’Rourke Raise Millions in Recent Fundraising

Political Fund raising
Political campaigns raise millions during fundraising. | Image by cmannphoto

According to campaign officials, millions of dollars have funneled into Beto O’Rourke‘s newly set-up campaign fund, and Abbott’s already massive fund has gained even more.  

O’Rourke, a Democratic candidate for Texas governor, announced that he has raised $7.2 million in 46 days from 115,600 donors. On Tuesday, Abbott claimed that he had raised close to an additional $18.9 million, bringing his total to $65 million cash-on-hand.    

Both candidates were required to report their earnings to the Texas Ethics Commission, which does not regulate how much money any candidate can raise. With his current flow of donations, O’Rourke has solidified himself as potential Democrat opposition to Abbott’s seat.

As the Tribune noted, O’Rourke’s fundraising numbers outshine any other Texas Democrat in history. In 2018, O’Rourke raised around $80 million during his attempt to take Senator Ted Cruz’s seat.    

However, Abbott is a titan of political fundraising. One of the nation’s biggest receivers of gubernatorial donations, Abbott has collected around 159,000 contributions in the past six months totally in his $18.9 million. In 2019, Abbott raised an impressive $12.1 million in only two weeks.

Abbott proudly remarked about the campaign fund, stating, “These generous contributions from people all across Texas show just how excited Texans are for this campaign.” 

O’Rourke responded with criticism, claiming that Abbott’s main donors are oil and gas tycoons, who have been at the forefront of the winter blackout controversy. 

“While Abbott is taking million-dollar checks from the CEOs who profited off of the grid collapse, we’re receiving support from people all over Texas who want to ensure that our state finally leads in great jobs, world-class schools, and the ability to see a doctor,” O’Rourke commented. He did not detail the percentage of his donations that came from Texas residents.

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