Just over a month after the Congregation Beth Israel hostage situation, residents of Colleyville and Garland allegedly awoke on February 21 to antisemitic propaganda strewn across their front lawns.

Colleyville Police documented the incidents on Sunday, noting that clear sandwich bags were used to hold the papers. Some bags also had rocks inside. The papers themselves resembled flyers, each displaying one of a few set messages.

Some of the flyers draw “connections” between the Jewish people and the COVID-19 pandemic, while others claim Biden’s cabinet is made up of multiple prominent Jewish members. Perplexingly, police have reported the same papers being distributed in cities across at least three states, with flyers popping up in Miami, Denver, San Francisco, and Huntington Beach.

According to the Mountain States Region Anti-Defamation League (ADL), residents in Denver also received papers bearing white supremacist and anti-vaccine propaganda. The ADL claims that the flyers were sent out by a “loose” network of people who aim to “harass Jews.” The organization added, “They work alone, in small cliques and occasionally travel across the country to work together in larger teams.”

Denver began receiving the hateful flyers only weeks after the Congregation Beth Israel hostage incident, NBC states. The congregation said after hearing of the flyers, “We are hopeful that the individual(s) responsible will be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The flyers are visually similar for every reported case across the U.S. At the top, the heading reads, “Every single aspect of the Covid agenda is Jewish.” At one end of the heading is a Jewish Star of David, and on the other side is a satanic pentagram. Underneath is a list of names, many of which belong to higher-ups at the Center for Disease Control. Other companies from which officials’ names are listed include Blackrock, Pfizer, and Moderna.

U.S. Health and Human Services’ assistant secretary, Rachel Levine, was mentioned on a flyer labeling her as “a transgender” in parenthesis. At the bottom, the perpetrators stated, “These flyers were distributed randomly and without malicious intent.”

A link to a website is printed on the papers as well, linking to a Youtube-esque platform called GoyimTV. Unlike Youtube, the videos hosted on GoyimTV are apparently made up of conspiracy theories, anti-vaccine campaigns, and allegedly antisemitic propaganda films.

Colleyville Police tweeted that they will be investigating the flyers as a hate crime. They have also partnered with the FBI and urged anyone with information about the perpetrators to call the Colleyville non-emergency line, 817-743-4522.