Some experts are claiming that artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize education in the United States, according to a report by Fox News:

“[Tech entrepreneur Alex] Galvagni is CEO of Age of Learning, the California-based company behind popular school-room products such as ABCmouse Early Learning Academy.

“‘AI has been with us a long time. Research was happening as early as the 1950s,’ he said.

“In the 1990s, he said, ‘I worked at NASA doing research in AI, and we applied it to very interesting, complex problems that were not as easily solved with traditional methods.’

“During his years at NASA, Galvagni worked on the Space Shuttle program. He’s held leadership roles with gaming companies and has been at the forefront of advances in artificial intelligence.

“AI doomsday scenarios make many people worry about a future ruled by hyper-smart robots — but Galvagni said society has already benefited in many ways from the power of artificial intelligence long before most people ever heard of it.

“Artificial intelligence, he said, was used to help simulate Space Shuttle docking procedures and to help balance telescopes under many different conditions.

“‘We had a telescope we built into a 747 and to be able to balance it while the airplane was flying, we leveraged AI and neural networks in particular,’ he said.

“The same technology found its way into operating rooms in the 1990s to assist with some of the most delicate medical procedures.”

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