TX University Partners With Capital Factory

University of Austin Partners With Capital Factory | Images by University of Austin
University of Austin Partners With Capital Factory | Images by University of Austin

The University of Austin is partnering with Capital Factory, a venture capital investor, to offer a “unique blend of tradition and innovation.”

The teaming aims to offer students traditional learning while preparing them to contribute meaningfully to the workforce as they pursue their passion, reported The Texan.

“We’re going to bring that classical depth and rigor, but then immediately get students to work and really live in the world, not theorizing, not academically talking about what entrepreneurship looks like, but getting to work so that they can seamlessly transition into adult life. That’s the hope,” UATX’s chief innovation officer Keri Waters said about the partnership, according to The Texan.

Austin-based Capital Factory provides coworking space to Texas entrepreneurs and helps them find investors, mentors, employees, and customers. Its community element is designed to gather like-minded entrepreneurs, allowing them to share expertise and motivate one another.

“They have such a huge portfolio, it is a kind of one-stop shop, center-of-gravity thing where you feel everything that is going on in tech,” Waters said about Capital Factory, reported The Texan.

According to Waters, the Lone Star State is witnessing an influx of talent driven by innovations and entrepreneurship in some of Texas’s most vital sectors, like the defense industry, space technology, and oil and gas. This influx of talent is also why students and faculty are choosing UATX, she said.

“We’re partnering heavily with private industry, they’re co-developing curriculum with us. They’re providing some initial funding, providing research opportunities for us that allow us to hire faculty and start working on projects that are commercial right away,” said Waters, per The Texan.

Whether pursuing a technical profession or a creative arts career, Waters said UATX recognizes that students must be prepared to earn a living, no matter their path.

“One of the greatest examples of Western civilization is that you have the opportunity to make a living doing whatever you love and we want to cultivate that,” Waters said, per The Texan.

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