TX Teacher Called Out for Attending Kink Event

Art Lesieur
Art Lesieur | Image by Kelly Neidert/Twitter

A music and art teacher working at Medio Creek Elementary School in Southwest ISD participated in Austin Kink Weekend, wearing a BDSM outfit while at the event.

Kelly Neidert, executive director of the Texas Coalition for Kids, posted about the educator on social media.

“This is an elementary school teacher in San Antonio, Texas. His name is Art Lesieur and he teaches music at Medio Creek Elementary in @swisd. He’s part of a ‘leather/bdsm group’ where he goes by ‘Master Cat Artemis.’ He’s also a drag queen. This sicko should not be around kids,” she wrote.

An Instagram post from user Austinkinkweekend from January 29, 2023, reads:

“Meet Master Cat Artemis, one of your judges for the first Lonestar Pup and Lonestar Handler competition in Texas. Master Cat Artemis is the current Mister Alamo City Leather 2022. His previous titles include Mister Sister Leather 2017 and Miss Tuff Drag Diva 2018. Known for his signature ‘feline’ attitude, Master Cat identifies as a Dominant, Daddy, and Teacher in the San Antonio Community.

“His well-received classes are designated to educate both the beginners and the experienced members of the BDSM, Kink and Leather communities. His favorite quote is: ‘You be you.’ His message to the community is in line with the message to eliminate guilt, stigma, and self-denial of who someone truly is.”

Austin Kink Weekend bills itself as the “biggest kink event in Texas.” The event consists of panels, contests, parties, workshops, and a vendor market, according to the website. The market is described as a “place where you will discover the unique and innovative projects of talented Queer and international entrepreneurs.”

State Republican executive committee member Christin Bentley posted on X, “Perverts shouldn’t work with kids.”

“Sexual deviants do not belong around children, and it’s shocking that he was hired. SWISD needs to do the right thing and fire him immediately,” Neidert told DX.

One social media user with the handle Drake Jensen responded to Neidert’s social media post about the teacher in question, criticizing her for spotlighting the teacher and disparaging her character.

“What are you doing butting your nose into other [people’s] personal business? You’re a c**t. A destructive, f*****g c**t. Karma is a b***h, just like you! And I hope it has its way with you. Have fun with the hate you create. Moron,” Jensen wrote.

A 2019 study published in The Journal of Sex Research found that BDSM-related sexual fantasies were fairly common, occurring in 40-70% of both males and females. Roughly 20% of study participants said they have engaged in BDSM.

DX reached out to Southwest ISD for comment. Superintendent Jeanette Ball told the news outlet in an email, “We have no comment.”

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