TX Lesson Plan Teaches Immigration Law Is Oppressive

Classroom | Image by Jordan Vonderhaar/The Texas Tribune

A Texas public school is under fire after allegedly creating a Mexican-American lesson plan teaching that immigration law amounts to the oppression of minorities.

Parents Defending Education obtained the Round Rock Independent School District’s lesson plan, which has since been posted online, through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The lesson plan reportedly references how the terms “illegal” and “undocumented” have negative connotations, referencing Luis Alberto Urrea, a poet and novelist, who stated that “illegal alien” is a “term by which an invading colonial force vilifies indigenous cultures by identifying them as an invading colonial force.”

“Forcing students to sit through history courses dedicated to teaching through the lens of oppressor and oppressed is an effort to hijack the English language to manipulate and indoctrinate our most vulnerable in public schools,” Caroline Moore, vice president of Parents Defending Education, said to The Daily Wire.

“No student should go to school and learn that an illegal immigrant is actually in the right and law-abiding citizens are oppressing them,” Moore added. “This district needs to be investigated immediately. Can you imagine what else they’re teaching students?”

Discourse regarding the language being used in reference to unlawful migrants recently made headlines after remarks made by President Joe Biden. Biden himself had used the word “illegal” to refer to an unlawful migrant suspected in the recent murder of Laken Riley.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) criticized the president’s word choice, writing on social media, “No human is illegal.”

“We have to be very intentional in the language we use to describe human beings. Careless & inflammatory language only creates fear & animosity of vulnerable groups and aligns with MAGA extremist playbooks. We can do better by centering our shared humanity,” the congressman contented.

Still, this is not the first time that the Round Rock ISD has been the subject of concern regarding its approach to certain hot-button issues.

In 2022, a grievance was filed against a Round Rock ISD campus for allowing a “shadow” policy permitting biologically male students who identify as transgender to use women’s changing facilities, a policy at odds with state law according to Texas Values, who represented the family at the heart of the issue.

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