Teacher’s Bond Reduced in Child Trafficking Case

Kedria Grigsby
Kedria Grigsby | Image by Harris County Sheriff's Office

A Harris County judge lowered the bond for a teacher accused of sex trafficking teenage girls on Monday.

Kedria Grigsby, a cosmetology teacher at Klein Cain High School, appeared in court on Monday facing allegations of sex trafficking and compelling prostitution. The 42-year-old educator and her son, Roger Magee, 21, stand accused of recruiting and trafficking multiple underage victims.

During Monday’s proceedings, the presiding judge in Grigsby’s case, Melissa M. Morrison, made the decision to lower her bond from $125,000 to $75,000 for each of the six felony charges against her, according to KHOU 11. The charges include three counts of trafficking a child and three counts of compelling prostitution of a minor, resulting in a total bond amount of $450,000.

Assistant District Attorney Luke Baty emphasized the severity of the accusations, telling KHOU, “These are our kids going to our schools and finding their way to seedy hotels and street corners all around the city, at the hands of people who appear to be upstanding citizens in our community.”

Despite the bond reduction, Grigsby maintained a composed demeanor, even smiling as she was escorted from the courtroom. Her defense attorney, Samuel Milledge II, acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations but stressed that they remain uncorroborated at this stage.

“I understand the severity of allegations, but as I always tell my clients, they are allegations [and] statements aren’t corroborated,” said Milledge II.

In a further development, it was revealed that the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has issued an emergency order suspending Grigsby’s cosmetologist license. The agency cited concerns for public safety and the potential risk posed by Grigsby’s access to young individuals at a salon, per KHOU.

Klein ISD placed Grigsby on administrative leave following her arrest.

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, community members in Houston, specifically the outspoken Quanell X and Candice Matthews, claimed they possessed documentation indicating that Klein ISD was aware of Grigsby’s purported misconduct. Klein ISD said via an official statement that these claims were absolutely false. No proof of the claims has been provided.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez disclosed that the alleged victims, aged 15, 16, and 17, were high school students reported as runaways. Grigsby allegedly targeted troubled juveniles from local schools, offering them accommodation at motels. Prosecutors detailed evidence of money transfers via Zelle and incriminating text messages exchanged between Grigsby, her son, and the victims.

Authorities anticipate additional victims coming forward, potentially leading to further charges in this disturbing case of alleged exploitation and trafficking within the community.

In Dallas, sex trafficking has been a serious problem amid the city’s longstanding police shortage, which has the Dallas Police Department short nearly 1,000 officers, per DX.

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