School Absences Still Alarming in Dallas

COVID-19 has led many students to not only miss school due to emotional distress and trauma, but parents are also refusing to have their kids go back to school as the pandemic and risk of transmission rages on | Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Dallas’ Deputy Superintendent of Leading and Learning at DISD reported some 9,000 students are still missing out from class attendance. As this raises worries, the district has been trying to be more creative with ways to contact and engage with both parents and students.

As schools transitioned to online learning during the pandemic, the transition back to face-to-face education has been a struggle to instigate.

Only two-thirds of students who were supposed to show up in school came during the first week, according to the Deputy. Some argue this may have been due to the earlier start time of the school.

COVID-19 is traced within the district, but there is no limit to the number of cases that can be reported before the district has to shut down. This may be a source of concern for parents worried about their children bringing the disease back into the home.

A reported four cases are announced in the district as of Wednesday, Aug. 25.

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