Save Texas Kids Rallies Against Wesley Prep’s New ‘Woke’ Leader

Entrance to Wesley Prep where protest will be held. | Image from Facebook

A local parent activist group staged a rally outside of the Wesley Prep school in Dallas last Thursday to protest the appointment of Meg Fahrenbrook, who is replacing Linda Altick as head of the school.

Save Texas Kids alleges that Fahrenbrook is a far-left activist who supports critical race theory (CRT) curriculum, gender fluidity ideology, and controversial figures such as Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, who authored the book How to be an Anti-Racist.

“Save Texas Kids stands with the dozens of parents who have brought the radical and egregious social media posts of Mrs. Fahrenbrook to light,” said Save Texas Kids Director Carlos Turcios.

Previously, on Twitter, Fahrenbrook posted a tweet that linked to a Harvard University website of CRT academics called Teaching the Hard Histories of Racism.

“Great ideas here about how to teach the hard realities of history,” Fahrenbrook stated on March 15, 2021.

On her Twitter profile, Fahrenbrook lists her ‘pronouns’ as (she/her) and in another Tweet endorsed the California-based ‘anti-racist’ consultants Leadership + Design.

“Thank you for hosting! It was energizing, thought-provoking, and so good to see all those awesome humans,” Fahrenbrook posted on Oct. 29, 2021.

Leadership + Design promotes a racial immersion program on their website, which is described as a sequence of four interactive, nested experiences that begin with the school’s leadership team.

“If you participate in all four, you will eventually include the entire school community,” the website states. “Building an anti-racist culture must start from the top…we will challenge your entire team to go beyond intellectual learning to emotional and experiential learning. We will not work with teams seeking a comfortable experience….the Racial Immersion Program is impractical, hard, uncomfortable – and powerful.”

Leadership + Design tweeted support for Dr. Kendi who posted an anti-slavery tweet on July 4, 2020.

“Perhaps the greatest anti-slavery speech ever uttered is ‘What to the Slave is the Fourth of July’ by Frederick Douglass in 1852. I wanted to make the speech more accessible. Here’s a thread with an abridged version of the speech we should reread every #FourthofJuly,” Dr. Kendi wrote on Twitter.

Leadership + Design tweeted in response, “There is not just one narrative of this day and to think so would be foolish and dangerous (Adiche). Exploratory over confirmatory thinking. More curious than certain.”

Save Texas Kids expressed its concerns about Fahrenbrook by rallying in front of the main entrance of Wesley Prep at 9200 Inwood Road on the corner Radbrook Place at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 6.

“We believe the Wesley Prep Board and selection committee must answer to why out of all the potential candidates, they chose someone with such a well-known controversial background,” Turcios told The Dallas Express.

Prior to being appointed Wesley Prep’s head of school, Fahrenbrook worked at the Episcopal School of Dallas for seventeen years as a teacher, advisor, middle and upper school mentoring director, middle school advisory and student leadership coordinator, and assistant head of middle school.

The Dallas Express reached out to Meg Fahrenbrook to discuss her appointment to Wesley Prep and its subsequent controversy. Mrs. Fahrenbrook declined to comment.

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  1. Argynt

    “Save” Texas Kids, sounds more like they are trying to Condemn them to ignorance.

  2. EDal

    Controversial background?!! Teaching our true history, striving to end racism is controversial?


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