Republicans Try to Reverse Title IX Changes

The United States Capitol building at sunrise | Image by Lucky-photographer/Shutterstock
The United States Capitol building at sunrise | Image by Lucky-photographer/Shutterstock

House Republicans are doing everything they can to block the Biden administration’s changes to Title IX, reports K-12 Dive:

“Nearly 70 House Republicans are backing legislation that seeks to reverse the Biden administration’s Title IX final rule, adding to conservative resistance against the controversial regulation released in April that protects LGBTQ+ students from sex discrimination.

“The legislation was introduced Wednesday by Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois, who said in a statement Wednesday that the Title IX rule ‘is a blatant violation’ of the federal civil rights law itself and infringes on women’s rights. Miller, vice chair of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, seeks to prevent transgender girls from accessing girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, according to her statement.

“Among the legislation’s supporters is Rep. Virginia Foxx, chairwoman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee and a staunch opponent of the Title IX rule. Foxx, on Wednesday, called the Biden rule ‘a clear and present threat, and one that cannot go unaddressed.’

“Miller’s joint resolution would leverage the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to overturn certain federal agency actions and gives federal lawmakers 60 congressional days to rescind or approve a final rule. Congress’ decision then goes to the president, who can veto a rescission and push the rule through.

“Before the Title IX rule came out in April, experts on the federal act had warned that the Education Department’s clock was running up against the 60-day Congressional Review Act timeline. Its continued delay, they cautioned, could have risked that a new and potentially hostile administration in the White House would allow the rule to be overturned under the law, making it unlikely the department could issue a similar rule in the future.”

To read the entire K-12 Dive article, click HERE.

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