Local Teacher Allegedly Cross-Dresses

Rachmad Tjachyadi, a teacher at Hebron High School | Image by @libsoftiktok/Twitter

A male Lewisville ISD teacher allegedly dresses like a woman at the high school he works at in the district.

Libs of TikTok, an activist account on X, tweeted photos allegedly showing Rachmad Tjachyadi, a teacher at Hebron High School, cross-dressing on the job. This included a video of Tjachyadi in a pink dress at the school, captioned, “This is a grown ass man.” 

“UNREAL. This is an actual teacher in [Lewisville ISD] named Rachmad Tjachyadi. I’m told he also sometimes shows up to teach dressed in full drag and has a f*tish for wearing women’s clothing. How is this acceptable?!” Libs of TikTok tweeted Wednesday.

A photo shows him in what appears to be a dress costume of the villain Ursula from Disney’s Little Mermaid

Indeed, a website called Healing From Crossdressing notes that psychologist Richard F. Docter “seems to allude that crossdressing that begins as a sexual fetish can mature and develop into a stress-reducing and anxiety reducing behavior.”

Quoting from Docter’s book, the page reads:

“Through cross dressing and adoption of the woman’s role, there is the experience of role-relief and reduced anxiety. In place of the earlier fetishism, this behavior becomes a stress management tactic. This is highly reinforcing. Hence, cross dressing and crossgender living become resistant to extinction. … There is a gradual ‘erosion’ of masculine identity, perhaps a weakening of the self-system, as cross-gender behavior is rehearsed and reinforced for many years.”

One photo posted by Libs of TikTok shows Tjachyadi in a tutu teaching a class, captioned, “this has to be a joke.” Another photo showed him in a red dress and heels at the school’s prom. 

The account also posted a prom dress code from the school that stated men must wear a dress shirt and tie.

“Here is the male teacher at prom wearing a dress and heels, clearly breaking [Hebron High School’s] dress code. [Principal Amy Boughton] how is this allowed in your school?!” the post charged.

The post mentioned the district’s superintendent, Lori Rapp, and the school’s principal, Amy Boughton. 

Lewisville ISD did not immediately respond to a request from The Dallas Express for comment.

Boughton allegedly made her account private in response to Libs of TikTok, but it is now public.

The school district faced criticism on X in response to the allegations.

“I think he’s beautiful. Because I learned my re-education lesson. Did I do good, Massahs?” Jordan Peterson, a professor and best-selling author, tweeted facetiously, referencing previous backlash he faced for declining to use “preferred” pronouns.

“This is in Texas everyone. There is a war on children and we have a lot of work to do if we’re going to stop this evil,” Robby Starbuck, an author and activist, tweeted.

“Children sacrificed to adult sex fetish. By every adult in their lives,” Grazie Pozo Christie, a host for EWTN, tweeted.

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