Local Student Knocked Unconscious, Police Investigate

Sachse High School | Image by NBC 5 DFW
Sachse High School | Image by NBC 5 DFW

A video posted online depicting a distressing scene within Garland Independent School District’s Sachse High School has prompted a police investigation into an alleged altercation involving a staff member and a student.

Jeremy Ashcraft, the father of the student involved, initiated the police report after viewing the footage, which appears to capture his 14-year-old son knocked unconscious by an adult during an attempt to break up a fight, according to a report from NBC 5 DFW.

Ashcraft told NBC that his son had been subjected to taunting in the bathroom before a verbal exchange escalated into a physical altercation. The incident unfolded on school grounds, with the video purportedly showing a man identified as a staff member forcibly restraining the student involved in the fight.

Describing the footage, Ashcraft detailed how his son was forcefully pushed onto the stairs, placed in a headlock, slammed to the ground, and ultimately rendered unconscious after being shoved into a wall.

Ashcraft further expressed dissatisfaction with the school’s response, citing discrepancies between the video evidence and the medical report provided by the school nurse. The report, titled “Garland ISD Office Visits by Student,” documented the student’s complaints of knee and back pain but failed to accurately depict the altercation, according to Ashcraft.

Following the incident, Ashcraft’s son received a three-day suspension, NBC reported.

The Sachse Police Department has confirmed an ongoing investigation into the matter, telling NBC in an email, “The Sachse Police Department is aware of the accusations of an assault taking place at Sachse High School. This report is currently being investigated, and as with all reported allegations, this incident will be examined thoroughly and completely.”

Meanwhile, Garland ISD has assured families of its commitment to student safety and reiterated the ongoing nature of the investigation into the staff member’s actions.

While the specifics of the staff member’s employment status remain undisclosed, a spokesperson for the school district told NBC, “We want to assure our families that the safety and well-being of our students are the top priority at Garland ISD and that we have protocols in place to respond to and investigate these types of incidents on our campuses.”

Earlier this week, another report of an alleged staff assault against a 4-year-old student in Collin County gained attention, prompting a response from Princeton ISD as well as an investigation into the report by the Princeton Police Department, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Additionally, in April, Saginaw Police investigated a reported assault incident that occurred at a North Texas K-8 school. According to a report from CBS, a student in the second grade claimed that a faculty member at International Leadership of Texas Saginaw forcibly grabbed him by the neck and pushed him against a wall.

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