Local School District Employees Receive One-Time Payment Bonus

Mesquite ISD Employees to Receive Bonus
Man receiving bonus in an envelope. | Image by fizkes

Mesquite Independent School District’s board of trustees have approved a one-time lump-sum payment bonus of up to $2000 to all “qualifying” employees, according to a report by The Dallas Morning News. This decision was made in its last board meeting.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the district set an $11 million budget for the initiative. According to Chief Information Officer Laura Jobe, the $11 million is from an operating budget surplus when the district changed its fiscal year from October to July.

In October, the Mesquite ISD paid $1000 and $2000 bonus to its professional and non-professional staff. This lump sum is the largest Mesquite ISD has ever given its faculty and staff. Per The Dallas Morning News, Jobe said that all district employees, including central office staff and school crossing guards, will benefit from the bonus.

Jobe further said that the district is giving back to its employees as an appreciation of their struggles with the challenges of COVID-19 and the shortage of teachers. “It’s not just teachers who are affected,” she said. “It’s our custodial staff. It’s our maintenance crew. It’s our office staff.”

According to The Dallas Morning News, Jobe said that the district plans to disburse the $2000 bonus through their March 10 paychecks. The board of trustees expects that the timing of the payment will give employees a boost ahead of the spring break holiday.

Qualifying employees for the $2000 must be full-time, permanent employees, including those on letter contracts. They must also work in the district through February 25, 2022. The eligibility list includes all of the district’s salaried employees who meet the minimum weekly hour requirements.

To qualify for a $1000 bonus, employees must be part-time, permanent employees who do not work every day and work less than 15 hours per week. This includes half-time teachers, aides, and salaried retirees.

Per The Dallas Morning News, substitute teachers, substitute aides, substitute food service employees, substitute warehouse employees, AVID tutors, Dept 92 employees, and Learning Recovery Specialists do not qualify for the payment. Hourly textbook workers and student workers are also not eligible for the payment.

Long-term subs are also not qualified for the lump-sum payment bonus, but those that work 50 days or more during a semester are eligible for a $500 incentive.

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