Local School Board Votes to Remove Books

Frisco ISD School Board Meeting | Image by WFAA

A quorum of the Frisco Independent School District’s (FISD) Board of Trustees voted Wednesday night to ban campus circulation of five books containing sexually explicit or obscene content.

The books in question were Check, Please! Book 1: #HockeyChicken Girl,  GlassThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, and The Exact Opposite of Okay.

The move follows months of controversy over what library materials the district is allowing students access to. Parents and activists have repeatedly squared off at school board meetings to debate the issue, as previously reported in The Dallas Express.

A total of seven books came before the board for review after they had passed two screening stages. FISD parent and State Representative Jared Patterson challenged the board to review its decision to approve the books, according to WFAA.

If a book is challenged over its age appropriateness for students, it first goes through a “level 1” review conducted by a committee of parents and campus staff.

It may still go on to a “level 2” review by district administrators and officials. The Board of Trustees conducts the final “level 3” review.

All seven books had been cleared by the first two stages of review, prompting the board to serve as the final arbiter for the first time.

With two members absent, a majority of the school board ultimately voted to permanently remove five books from district library shelves, allowing The Glass Castle and The Perks of Being a Wallflower to remain.

A newer board member, Stephanie Elad, lamented that five of the books had not been deemed inappropriate by the two previous levels of review, stating, “I’m just surprised and disappointed that these books got this far.”

Her sentiments were echoed by fellow board member Marvin Lowe, who said, “I believe some of the things that we’re considering should be obvious to most people that they shouldn’t be in our libraries.”

Responding to news of the vote in a statement to WFAA, State Rep. Patterson said: “Further action is required despite success in ridding the schools of this obscene content. Parents cannot spend time and energy holding the school districts accountable for inappropriate material in the school library.”

He added, “District leadership has proved their inability to correct the root problems of the issue.”

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  1. Lanie

    Hitler burned/banned books. Is this happening again? These books that they are banning may actually be helpful to some teens. I can guarantee that the books banned will be read by more teens just to see what they are about. No book should be banned regardless of intent. Its up to the individual if they want to read it or not.

    • Pap

      First off, banning books from a school library is not anywhere near the kind of banning done by Hitler. Try comparing apples with apples, not oranges. Those books are still available at public libraries and certainly online. Reading vulgar, sexually explicit, gender confusing books for young, impressionable minds I find abhorrent.

      Most of the young people now saying they are confused about their identity is because of the power of suggestion…and being a conformist and a desire for attention. Years from now, there are going to be some regretful, bitter, screwed up adults, and there will be no going back. And it will be from lack of proper parenting and an evil society and government. For Eve, all it took was one serpent. Now you have the government, social media, peers and television…all serpents of evil pouncing on the young, innocent and unknowing…like Eve.

      Asking a 3 or 4 year old child if they are a boy or a girl is outrageous. They’re hardly even aware of what gender means. When you give a small child a choice, they just think sometimes they need to say yes, sometimes no…because they think like a child, not an adult with reasoning capabilities. It’s why there are parents to teach and give them direction. GOD said what constitutes a man and a woman. This country is turning into Sodom and Gomorrah. And you remember what happened to them. Evil so absolute and decent humanity so lost, they had to be destroyed. This country now has pubic hair for brains.


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