In another instance of a local North Texas school district standing up to the Biden administration’s failed attempt to turn Title IX on its head, Keller ISD’s school board passed a resolution earlier this week denouncing the president’s bid to make ‘gender identity’ a protected class.

Federal courts have been looking too kindly on the Title IX revisions, landing President Joe Biden multiple legal defeats in at least half a dozen states so far.

Amid declining student enrollment at public schools in Texas, prompted by flagging academic outcomes and the purported politicization of curricula, Keller ISD’s trustees moved to voice their opposition to the president’s attempt to force local schools to accommodate students who identify as transgender, according to a report by the Texas Scorecard:

“Biden’s new interpretation of the law would have undermined Title IX’s protections for girls in K-12 schools by mandating compliance with radical gender ideology, forcing schools to allow boys into girls’ facilities and activities. Schools that refused were threatened with loss of federal education funds.

“Trustee Chris Coker called Biden’s Title IX rewrite ‘extreme government overreach’ and said he was ‘extremely happy’ to sign the resolution protecting women.”

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