Gov. Abbott Gives Title IX The Heisman

Governor Greg Abbott | Image by Greg Abbott/Facebook
Governor Greg Abbott | Image by Greg Abbott/Facebook

Gov. Greg Abbott sent a letter on Wednesday to Texas’ public universities and community colleges, directing them not to follow recent Title IX changes announced by the Biden administration.

This letter comes in response to changes made by the Biden administration that now require universities to add gender identity to the list of protections from sexual discrimination.

Other changes include the removal of in-person hearings on accusations regarding sexual misconduct and requirements that universities must educate employees about the changes, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

A news release from the governor’s office states that the letter was sent to chairmen and regents of the Texas A&M University System, Texas Southern University, Texas State University System, Texas Tech University System, Texas Woman’s University System, University of Houston System, University of North Texas System, and the University of Texas System.

Public community colleges also received the letter.

In it, Abbott wrote that the Lone Star State has no plans to comply with the announced changes, claiming that the update “contradicts the original purpose and spirit of the law to support the advancement of women.”

“Last week, I instructed the Texas Education Agency to ignore President Biden’s illegal dictate of Title IX. Today, I am instructing every public college and university in the State of Texas to do the same,” wrote the governor.

He further explains in the letter that the Title IX changes exceed President Joe Biden’s “authority as President in order to impose a leftist belief on the next generation.”

“Texas will stand up not only to President Biden’s rewrite of Title IX, but also his plans to destroy the legacy of women’s collegiate sports. Texas will fight to protect those laws, to protect Texas women, and to deny the President’s abuse of authority,” he wrote.

Abbott sent this directive to public institutions shortly after Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that he filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration in an attempt to stop the changes from taking action, as previously reported by DX.

Paxton cited similar reasons as to why he believes the Title IX changes should be blocked from taking effect, writing in a news release that the update “contorts” protection originally meant for women by “forcing schools to accommodate the wishes of men claiming to identify as women (or ‘transgender’) to enter female-only spaces and join female-only organizations.”

While both Abbott and Paxton have voiced their disapproval of the modifications to Title IX, U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona applauded the Biden administration, claiming the alteration will make it “crystal clear that everyone can access schools that are safe, welcoming and that respect their rights,” as reported by DX.

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