Destination Science wraps up its summer camps and prepares for next year

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Destination Science is a science-based summer camp for kids ages 5-11. Co-Founder and program director, Kathy Heragthy, speaks on some of the programs offered throughout the summer.

“Our program is hands-on, fun, interactive, summer camp-style, science projects. Our campers do three science stations, lasting over an hour, each day. Plus a couple of outside game stations. And like summer camps, there’s the camaraderie, singing songs, making friends… It’s a very popular program and one that we’re very proud of.”

Their camps incorporate several engineering, mechanical, astronomical, technological, and STEAM-related concepts. This year, they offered three camps:
1. Megabot & Movie Makers Camp – Where campers build motorized bots and learn about making animated movies
2. Crank Coaster and STEAM Creators Camp – Where campers build their own gravity-centered coaster and use the S.T.E.A.M. Oonie machine to add a sense of life to small, squishy polymers.
3. Millennium Starship Explorers Camp – Where campers build personalized Millennium Starships and launch rockets built with kid-friendly materials while learning about space and gravity.

While registration has closed for their three in-person summer camps, Kathy explains they will still offer online camps, starting at the end of August.

“We’re currently developing our 2021-2022 online programs” she states. This year, they offered a variety of camps based on astronomy, coasters, dinosaurs, and grossology. Campers received sciences kits at their homes and joined in on virtual projects.

“Even though you might be thinking it’s a lot of screen-time for kids, it’s really not. It’s very hands hands-on. Our teacher engages them, helps them meet other friends, and gets them started. But then the kids are really in their head and with their hands working with their materials, and then checking in ‘Did I get this right? Yup you’re on the right track. In another five minutes, we’ll give you more instructions and the next thing to do.’”

Destination Science was founded in the summer of 2000 and has run summer programs in the City of Dallas since 2010.

For more information on Destination Science, visit their website.

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