While on a conference call with Texas school superintendents, Superintendent Michael Hinojosa announced that he will be leaving the Dallas Independent School District.

After a long and accomplished career in education, Hinojosa is expected to step down officially during a board conference on Thursday.  

Hinojosa graduated from Dallas ISD’s Sunset Highschool in 1975, then went on to teach and finally oversee the same district for 13 years. The superintendent has yet to explain the reason for his departure or what comes next, but The Dallas Morning News states that there is speculation he may be running for local office in the coming years.

Upon the announcement of his resignation, Hinojosa has garnered praise from the community. Dallas ISD Trustee Edwin Flore stated, “Sometimes it’s really hard to be a prophet in your own land, but he certainly made his mark on Dallas.”

Part of this mark on Dallas ISD was the stable and caring demeanor with which the superintendent conducted himself, bringing the political spotlight to the district. He helped facilitate a $3 billion school bond, the biggest ever in Texas, and reignited many failing schools across Dallas.

Hinojosa also established early college readiness programs for Dallas ISD High Schools and pioneered a “pay-for-performance” model for teachers’ salaries. However, this salary model would prove to be one of his more controversial reforms for the district.

“While he and I have not always agreed on things, we’ve always worked as professionals and tried to find solutions that are good for students and employees,” said Rena Honea, president of Dallas’ Alliance-AFT.

Hinojosa defied state orders and maintained the mask mandate for Dallas ISD, a move that proved controversial. If anything, Hinojosa was ready to stand his ground on a multitude of subjects, with one trustee, Joe Carreon, describing him as a “tremendous leader.”

Hinojosa will stay with the district during the search for a replacement. How long he will remain as superintendent is still up in the air.