Dallas Based AT&T Opens First Community Learning Center

Image from Fun Asia

Dallas Based AT&T opened a Community Learning Center to serve students and families that do not have the means or access to computers and the internet on their own. This comes after its $2 billion commitment in 2020 to help bridge the digital divide that significantly impacts underserved communities.

“To be able to be here and plant a new seed for me and my children is definitely a blessing,” said Liona Laie, who lives at the shelter with her five children.

Laie said the new community center will be a big help for school and that it will help all children “tune in to whatever they have to learn at their own pace.”

Jeff McElfresh, the CEO at AT&T Communications, stated the company is “actually leaning in, [and] putting our backs into doing a little bit of good here in trying to solve the digital divide.”

Hardmon William, Vice President, AT&T Believes Community Engagement, said the pandemic has shown us that specific communities, especially underserved communities, are disproportionately affected by their limited access to digital resources.

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