Carroll High School Principal Warns Parents of Viral Online Challenge

stop social media challeneges
Stop social media challenges | Image by Cristian Storto Fotografia

Carroll High School Principal P.J. Giamanco has sent out a warning to parents about a viral internet challenge that encourages students to draw inappropriate items on walls in the Southlake school.

According to CBS 11 News, Giamanco released a statement on February 22 explaining that the challenge involves students drawing inappropriate items on walls, toilets, and doors in restrooms. He added that the school has seen numerous items destroyed as a result of the challenge.

Giamanco revealed that the school’s custodians are using the bulk of their cleaning time to address the damages done by the drawings.

Giamanco added that the new challenge is like the “Devious Licks” the school faced in the fall but impacts other areas of campus visible to students.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the “Devious Licks” is a viral TikTok challenge that shows students stealing items such as toilet paper, soap dispensers, sinks, and stall doors from bathrooms and public places.

“We encourage parents to have intentional conversations with their students about what they encounter on campus, as well as online, and to report these immediately if they affect our campus,” Giamanco said in the statement.

Giamanco warned parents that the continued cleaning of the areas where the drawings are made will force the school to “once again close some restrooms until they can be appropriately cleaned.”

Giamanco also warned that the school will discipline any student participating in the challenge to the fullest extent of its code of conduct. He stated that students caught participating in the challenge will be responsible for any monetary damages they cause.

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