Anti-Israel agitators at Cal State Los Angeles University seized a campus building, blocking it off from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning, while the president of the university was inside.

Protesters were seen entering the Student Services building on Wednesday afternoon, with some chaining themselves together outside the main entrance to form a barricade. Shortly after that, the protesters seized the premises, blocking all entrances and exits.

Most university employees left with the help of security officers; however, a small group, including Cal State LA President Berenecea Johnson Eanes, remained inside the building voluntarily, according to ABC 7, which was on the scene.

During the occupation, which ended when police issued a dispersal order to the building at around 3 a.m. CT, considerable looting and vandalism appeared to have occurred.

Anti-Israel language, such as “free Gaza by any means necessary,” “we see the blood on your hands,” and “let Gaza live,” could be seen sprayed across the walls of the glass building.

Protesters overturned golf cars, tables, and copy machines to create a barrier at the building’s main entrance. Additionally, vandals reportedly made off with furniture, electronics, and other office equipment.

As Erik Frost Hollins, a spokesperson for Cal State LA, told the LA Times, no one was injured despite the chaos, and no arrests were made.

An anti-Israel encampment has been set up on the campus for nearly 40 days without university or law enforcement interference.

“We were working toward a resolution on this,” Hollins said.

Classes were moved online on Thursday, and all campus activities were canceled through Friday, per ABC7.

The Cal State LA protest comes amid a string of anti-Israel campus protests over the war in Gaza. Protests at UT Austin, Columbia University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and many more have amounted to thousands of arrests. The disruption even led to the cancelation of some college graduation commencement ceremonies.