Bo French Sounds Alarm on Left-Wing Teacher Training at TCU

Texas Christian University
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Bo French is sounding the alarm on the nature of TCU’s relationship with Fort Worth ISD and the types of teacher training it allegedly offers.

“We have secured copies of contracts and teaching materials from @FortWorthISD linking the school district to TCU sexual radicalism. It turns out that [the Women and Gender Studies Department] not only advocates for radical racial and transgender ideology at TCU but in Fort Worth ISD. It’s worse than you thought, and we have receipts,” French posted on X.

French did not include any examples of how the university allegedly advocated for “radical racial and transgender ideology” at the school district.

“TCU has a serious influence over FWISD. Not only, as you will see, have they hosted many trainings for FWISD teachers on radical sexual ideology in the classroom, but they even host an annual conference on ‘Multicultural Education’ on TCU’s campus for FWISD teachers,” French wrote.

French did not provide examples of the alleged educator training on “radical sexual ideology in the classroom,” but Fort Worth ISD’s website did confirm that the Multicultural Education conference took place, describing the event as such:

“The department teamed up with Texas Christian University’s Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies [CRES] to present the all-day event, hosted February 2 at TCU’s Rees-Jones Hall. Nearly 30 sessions equipped teachers with curriculum and resources that’s [sic] culturally responsive to educating today’s diverse classrooms of students.”

French referred to the CRES department that hosted the conference as one of “TCU’s more radical elements” that have contracted with Fort Worth ISD.

The department has its own webpage on the TCU website, which depicts activists holding signs that say “Silence is Violence” and “No Justice, No Peace.”

“Explore race and ethnicity as active social, political, historical and cultural processes and use race and ethnicity as categories of analysis across time and space,” TCU’s CRES webpage states.

Recent publications from the department are focused on gender and race issues from a left-wing perspective.

“Visiting Migrants, Contesting Detention: An Overview of Community Visitation Programs and Advocacy for Immigrants inside U.S. Immigration Detention,” one publication was titled.

“If You Are Reading It, I am Dead’: Activism, Local History, and the AIDS Quilt,” another publication was titled.

Randa Tawil, an assistant professor of Women and Gender Studies at TCU, a department affiliated with the CRES department, recently appeared on the Breaking Down Patriarchy podcast to “discuss the history of Palestine, how the ongoing atrocities in Gaza are a feminist issue, and the most effective ways for everyday people to take action for peace.”

According to French, Tawil has “publicly denied the sexual assault against Jews” committed during the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas last year.

“The Multicultural Education Institute put on by TCU for FWISD teachers includes lessons on ‘Why Gender Studies,’ which promotes the same department that has an anti-semitism problem and actively promotes abortion. The slideshow arguing for gender studies in high school says that protecting women is ‘benevolent sexism,'” French claimed in his social media post on X.

“Is this the kind of thing that should be promoted to minors in Fort Worth? We think not. Again, you can view the contracts and the slideshows yourself using the link below,” French said.

The Dallas Express reached out to TCU and Fort Worth ISD for comment but did not receive a response.

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