Arlington ISD trustee candidate Weber: ‘The board has lost touch’

Richard Weber, one of nine candidates seeking one of the three open seats on the Arlington ISD Board of Trustees, defines himself as a conservative, low-tax candidate who is interested in taking logical approaches to problems.

The current board isn’t making decisions that are either good or logical, Weber told the Dallas Express.

“The board has lost touch and gotten too comfortable,” Weber said. “They have lost the ability to relate to the taxpayer. The tax rate is just the latest example.”

Weber said that the current board is too likely to rubber-stamp policies from district administrators, and that he would bring an independent mindset to the position.

“I am a conservative that thinks logically,” he said. “I am a retired computer programmer experienced at applying logic to problems.”

In terms of the district’s performance, Weber said that success for the schools should be measured in terms of how well students are prepared with the knowledge they need to better themselves. However, there is no metric that makes it possible to easily measure that.

Student test scores may provide some insight, but even that can fall short as a measure, he said. But the worst metric for gauging performance is graduation rate.

“I oppose the spending of money and resources to put students in classes they do not want to be there,” he said.

Such students may serve to only disrupt the learning process for students who do want to be there, he said.

Yet, Weber said that he would still be logical about efforts that relate to funding that the trustees have no control over, and vote in order to advance policies necessary to secure that funding.

Weber said he would also, in theory, be in favor of letting go educators who are low-performers. Yet, there is no way of rating or scoring teachers that is fair enough to use as a basis for making such decisions.

The election will be held May 1.

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