Anti-Israel Agitators Injure Security Guard, Damage Property

Anti-Israel Protesters at UCLA | Image by KCAL
Anti-Israel Protesters at UCLA | Image by KCAL

Anti-Israel protests at UCLA were claimed as “largely peaceful” activities, according to RedState:

“Protests are raging at UCLA as of this writing, with a large group of roving demonstrators engaged in engaged in what the Los Angeles Times ludicrously labels “largely peaceful” activities, like trying to break into buildings, assaulting journalists, bloodying a security guard, and vandalizing school property.

“They put red dye in a fountain, splashed more dye on the steps, carted around fake corpses and dismembered body parts while reading the names of people who have supposedly died in Gaza.

“According to a witness, this security guard was the recipient of the “largely peaceful” action:”

To read the entire RedState article, click HERE.

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