AISD board candidate Daphne Jackson: ‘I will focus on solving students’ and teachers’ problems’

“Lack of diversity and the need for change” are the top reasons why Daphne Jackson is running for a seat on the Arlington Independent School District (AISD) board, she told Dallas Express.

Jackson, who identifies the district’s greatest needs as more staff, addressing systemic racism and support from the administration, said that “representation” is why voters should cast their ballots for her on May 1.

“I’m pro-active,” she said. “I’m fighting so a voice of people can be heard – fighting to amplify those voices.”

Jackson believes that diversity on the AISD board is in the best interest of the students.

“Children can see people that are like them making decisions about their education,” she said. “We need more open discussion, cultural awareness and new conversations about how schools should confront structural racism. [Systemic racism] is a problem in our schools, especially in junior high and high school. School climate is important. Black students should feel safe and feel that they belong.”

Jackson’s commitment to representation runs counter to the belief that school boards are in place to “rubber stamp” all decisions made by the superintendent.

“I will focus on solving students’ and teachers’ problems and not playing politics,” she said.

Jackson, who believes that college enrollment percentages are the main metric by which school districts’ success should be measured, says that better communication between the districts and local teachers’ unions will also benefit students.

“[District unions] may be good for teachers but they’re not good for students,” she said. “They hinder test scores and graduation rates.”

Jackson also advocates for more time spent on reading, writing and arithmetic classes and believes that “funds that come from the Entertainment District should be utilized for the Title 1 schools.”

AISD has an enrollment of 60,000 students, its website said. It is the 13th-largest school district in the state.

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